Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Walking In My Mind

"Walking In My Mind is an expedition into the mysterious mental processes of creativity; about what goes on inside the artist's head."

The exhibition looks at ten contemporary artist's who have investigated the nature of perception and ways of thinking. They have all produced a 'Mindscape' for themselves. It is very interesting to see how they perceive their own thought process through the work produced which ranges from drawing, painting, video, sculpture and installation. Each of the Mindscape's are very different though there are overlapping themes throughout the exhibition that form conceptual bridges between very dissimilar works. It made me think of how I would try to document and portray my own 'Mindscape' and how I think the creative process occurs for me. How structured or random it may be and how relevant or irrelevant aspects of it may be.

The exhibition was on at the Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London until the 6th Sept.

I have included some images but photography was not allowed so only managed to sneak a few pictures.

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  1. That's wicked, really interesting subject too. It hadn't occurred to me about what actually happens in the brain during the creative process- it'd be interesting too if scientists were able to map the active areas of the brain and compare it to other processes.