Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Super Contemporary

Recently went to this exhibition at the design museum and was very impressed. I found it very inspiring as it looks at the influences of which contemporary design in london has grown out of. It highlights the designs, people and events that shape our perception of contemporary design in London in a chronological order from 1960-2009. It reflects Londons diversity, tracking the development of the decades exploring the intersections between art, design, architecture and fashion. Some of which I was very intrigued by, things that I would myself not have conceived to be influences in the creative world but when it's presented in this way you can clearly see why it has been included. I find it very interesting to see how social and politcal change has had so much influence in shaping contemporary design across all the different disciplines, this is something I would like to pursue further when studying for my dissertation. It also shows 15 commissions by designers from different diciplines, with the brief being to give something back to London. One of them, I think by Neville Brody, is a very parranoid response to the use of cctv and other surviellence in the city which I found very interesting as I have tried to create work which generates a similar response in the past and I'm a strong believer in the reduction of the voyeurism by the authorities in London and elsewhere.

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