Monday, 28 September 2009

True Romance 1993

An unconvential storey of romance written by Quentin Tarentino and directed by Tony Scott. It's a fast moving film that takes an alternative route of the american dream. It's billed as a love storey but revolves around drugs and crime. I was very pleasently suprised with a film that I thought would be a far more wishy washy love storey. It's filled with a star studded cast with fantastic performances from Christain Slater and Patricia Arquette. My favourite scene is when Vincent Coccotti (Christopher Walken) is talking to Clarence's father in order to gain information on Clarences where abouts, the father already knows his fate so produces a very memorable performance of his last words. It is thought of as a breakthrough of sorts for Tarentino and was his first screenplay for a major film. It is thought that he wanted to direct the film but sold the script in order to work on Reservoir Dogs.

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  1. I totally agree with you, this is one of my all time favorites. When I initially saw this I had no idea what to expect, but its pretty spectacular.
    It is definitely not your typical romance, which is great at boring love stories are so cliche.
    Great idea blogging about this film.