Friday, 18 September 2009

Crack and Shine

This is the first ever book to be produced on Londons subculture of Graffiti. For me it is a sensational book, documenting the works and speaking to some of the graffiti artists that definately inspired me to want to pursue art and design from a young age. I have always been fascinated by graffiti and I'm sure that I always will be. It always brings me a little joy to know that someone has dedicated their time to do something that they have always been told the cannot do. People who tell you that you can't do things are not always write and graffiti is a perfect example of that. Many of the graffiti artists I have met have told me that without it they would have lived a very routine lifestyle and graffiti gives them something to escape it. Many graffiti artists featured in this book are now celebrated artists so it has given them a route into that culture. This book is far more inspirational to me as it shows graffiti from where I have grown up and documents many pieces that I remember being amazed by. Many people will claim it's not art but I think if you where to read this book you may have your head turned. It contains some great photography from Will Robson-Scott, who has produced portraits of many of the featured artists, and 'Elk and Teach' who's personal collection could rival that of any professional. I was quite suprised to see it on sale at the Design Museum.

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